It’s Okay Now, I Think : The Sims 4

DLC Is Still All the Rage, Unfortunately

The game is fraught with DLC, unsurprisingly. Pools were added in an update not too long ago but the real entertainment comes with some of the new things to do with your Sim’s day. There is still no open world and the game is still very limited options in the creative department, but The Sims 4 fills out in proportion to how much more money you sink into it. This is starting to become something like a pay to play game, now that I think about it.

The biggest change to the game comes from the expansion back “Get to Work”. The expansion comes with 3 new careers, the ability to run your own shop (so however many careers that technically gives us) and more than a few new skills, including rocket science and baking. There are new items that come along with this expansion, but most of the new objects come from the Luxury Party Stuff stuff pack and the Outdoor Retreat game pack (and Perfect Patio Stuff stuff pack as this goes live). There are plenty of new clothing options and even the ability to go on a vacation instead of just take days off and walk to the museum.

While the packs are overpriced for the amount of content that they add to the game, the additions are very welcomed considering the minimal amount of content that the base game provided the community with.


What Might Make the Game Better (Or What They Should Focus on for The Sims 5)

Open world environments are something that current gamers cannot easily go back on. While the game has some of the feel of an open world environment, it is so limiting for the fact that The Sims 4 fails to stretch over the entirety of the city. There are only a few lots per town and the choices are not great. If the ability to add to the neighborhood were introduced, I think that would be a huge step up. (This has been fixed, in a way. There has been an additional town set up that is full of nothing but empty slots for houses. This has been added to all Sims accounts, free of charge. Go EA!)

Other items for consideration (and please feel free to correct me on these…I want them to be real so badly):

  • Bigger lots
  • Ability to upload different polygon shapes into the game, and not just pre-loaded recolors
  • Color wheels from Sims 3, as well as texture uploads
  • Half level floors
  • Rerelease all old packs re-imagined for Sims 4, only to come out swinging with new ones
  • The ability to create new emotions (possibly just confusion) when you have particular combinations of pre-existing emotions
  • Better places to vacation, like, let's say an amusement park. Get with Rollercoaster Tycoon or even the guys who made Sim Coaster and make it an even more enjoyable experience.
  • More places to woohoo (probably the most fun I have in these games is getting surprised at where the game allows you to woohoo...sad but true)

Basically what would make the game much better is if it had all of the weird chaos of the old games and the new DLC were just additions to that established culture. Towns should change, but improvements ought to remain as part of the core game, perhaps with switches in the options for which parts people want to deal with and which parts they do not.

Still Recommending to Those Who Are Weary

I think the Sims 4 can become something even better than the Sims 3, given time and attention. I do wholeheartedly believe that people who love the series should at least give it a try. It may surprise you how much you actually enjoy playing the game, despite all of the bad press that the Sims 4 has received. 

- Katie Hanson