I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself – Life is Strange: Out of Time

State of Disrepair

Things in Arcadia Bay have gotten a lot worse over the course of one day and night. As Max travels through more of her old hometown, it becomes increasingly obvious that things all over town are strange, not just with Max’s sudden quantum conundrum.

Max’s old best friend, Chloe, helps Max play with her gift. The child's play turns into an extension of her powers that Max cannot keep up with. Keeping to the good graces of typical story-telling, Max loses the use of her ability when it matters most.

It would seem that the moral of this particular episode is: “keep yourself well-rounded or bad stuff is going to happen around you.”

The entire game just feels different, so the apex of this chapter is really no shock to the system. There is a certain tone to the town, a sadness that was overshadowed by excitement of a new time and place in the first one. Max was still eager and happy to be back in her hometown in the first chapter, Chrysalis. Now that she has come to terms with what she missed, Max is out of sorts (another pun on the title) and she starts to feel the weight of how horrible students are in her high school.

Not a Change in the World

The only consistency of the game between the first chapter and this second one is the game mechanics. There aren’t any new tricks to learn to the game, just a lot of consequences at which to grit one’s teeth. In fact, just watching through this made me want to go through and fix everything in the first chapter so I could have a better outcome in just this second chapter. If anything, this game is proving more and more to be like real life, despite the crazy time-warping.

Max is still herself. This is such an important element of the story. My favourite part of this chapter was the fact that Max spent all of Monday night researching quantum phenomenon related to time and time travel. Knowledge is so important to her and the fact that she desires a real explanation and doesn't take her power for granted is just another thing that makes Max so very awesome.

There is much more of the story to get involved in with Out of Time. The desire to see and know the characters of this story is turning from embers to a nice, simmering campfire as the choices of the citizens of Arcadia Bay are revealed.

- Katie Hanson