Pervy Perv Extravaganza: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Extremely Sensitive Sensibilities?

Then this game is not for you. While there does not seem to be any full on nudity or gore, there is a lot of suggestive material in the game that would make it impossible to play if you were against things like sexualising minors or hypersexualizing females of an older aesthetic.

The characters breathe and as they do, their breasts (and basically nothing else) move. There is even a button that can be pressed that allows a player to remove the text from the screen so that the player can see the bodies of the characters better (B on the controller if you're curious).

There are panty shots and awkward situations much like those found in hentai or yuri. Those points pretty much cover the basics on what you will encounter if you play this game. If you can handle that, or enjoy any of those things, then do keep reading. The game is more than just a pervert’s paradise.

Focusing on the Playability, Not the Content

Aside from the questionable morals of the game, Hyperdimension Neptunia is actually a fairly fun dungeon crawler, jam-packed with a lot of high-pitched voices and computer references.

The battles are much like those in Xenosaga but about five times more involved. Each attack is customizable and each attack has different capabilities. The name of the game here is maximization. For as many points as the game gives you on a particular level, you can make the game as easy or as hard as you like by using the most or least expensive combinations of moves.

There are other customizable aspects of the game, like how many dungeons are on the screen, what kind of items are scoutable in these dungeons and how hard the battles are. This allows the player to make the game into something that they thoroughly enjoy.


A World Ruled by Big-Breasted Women

The story of the game is actually satisfying for how carnal it might actually be. The main character of Hyperdimension Neptunia is Neptune, a queen who was destroyed by three other queens in a battle for world supremacy. She loses her memory and wishes to reclaim it, unknowingly setting events in motion that bring her back to her most powerful, queenly state.

This could be empowering to women, but there is no equality in this game and that ruins all hope of empowerment on either side. The men are only evidenced as ambiguous NPCs and as such this is really no better of a representation of gender equality than the real world. To make it worse, the women speak to each other with biases that come from our world’s history. Their exchange is catty at best, possibly and unfortunately reinforcing how people already feel women might be in positions of power.

Despite the Bad, This Game is Fun

All negative issues aside, this game is fun to play. There are so many intricacies involved with developing the battle system and world that players in love with customization may just find what they need in this game. I recommend this game, despite its flaws, for those who enjoy dungeon crawling and customization.