One from the Vaults: This is Halloween - The Happy Hereafter

Casual Play

The Happy Hereafter is a delightful little break of a game. It features spooky-inspired characters, buildings and quests, bringing a bit of a different feel to the genre. While it is placed under strategy on Steam, it is not exactly a game that would fit in that category. The game requires no real strategy, as there is very little choice to be made in anything that one does. All plots of land are already chosen for the player and the most involvement that the player may have is how to buy and sell excess or needed goods in the market. There is no strong goal, it seems, and that is perfectly all right for this type of game.

Instead, the mentioned, loose goal is to create a bustling retirement town for spirits of all kinds. You, the player, are tasked with making sure all of the residents (who are actually your workers) are happy and productive.

There are times in my gaming experiences where I wish there was as little conflict as possible in my games, especially strategy games. This is the answer to that wish. The only thing that really stirs up any commotion are white knights and flying pigs, easily disbursed with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Take a Minute

Take this game as a break from your more hardcore gaming experiences. This would even work as a cool-down from trying experiences you may have in games like Outlast or Amnesia.

There is no urgency to come back and do things in an hour or wait for the next move to be made, so it is something that is easy to come back to when you need a moment to de-stress or cool your brain from any sort of emotional excess.

For only around $4.00, when not on sale, it is worth more than just a little look.

- Katie Hanson