TBP Studios is Doing Video Games

There are many avenues one can take to finding an interesting topic to write about. In fact, there are many topics that writers have as options when discussing a theme, a story, a style, setting, genre, etc. TBP Studios encourages the broad and open forms of thinking when we ask our writers, authors, and personalities to go do something and write about it; or to film yourself having fun or experiencing something you may have never experienced before, because the odds are, if you love then you should be doing it.

TBP Studios has existed for just over a year now as a small publication and community of diversely minded individuals who were either friends or have become friends through working together and finding a real kind of fun doing it. Before TBP Studios was what it is today it had been around for a very long time, coming from a garage and developed from the mind of Executive Producer, Jeramie Clark. In the past year it has expanded, gaining the friendship of myself and assisting with the development of the Dan Sucks Podcast with Terry Zellars, who has been essential to this publication’s growth. Bringing in new talent and content from the Short Nerdy Guy Jay Wheeler, to the incredibly funny and entertaining Green Up Podcast, and co-producing the monster comedy show we know as “STAB!” has been more exciting than our wildest dreams would imagine, but now we’re here and we’re ready to expand again.

TBP is proud to announce the new video game section of TBP Studios, and it is now in full effect.  We will bring you articles and creative pieces based on our favorite video games and how those video games affect our lives, but we will do it in a completely one hundred percent positive manner. This does not mean we’re going to be farting rainbows up the butt of our favorite companies, although we might… I mean c’mon Dragon Age? BioWare killed it last year with the release that archdemon sized production. What it does mean is we won’t bash games that we hate, hell we might not even write anything on a game that we hate, because we choose what we stress about and we choose what makes us angry, so we choose to not let those things affect us worse than they already have. There’s no room for negativity on the internet anymore and we won’t try to force it in anyone’s face.

The TBP Studios video game section will talk about games we have played recently or years in the past and what came from it. We want you to be entertained, whether that be our recommendation for a game or simple the way we write our articles, but in the end we just want our readers to scratch their chin and say “interesting, I like this writer” or “I don’t quite agree with this author, but I can see where she’s coming from. Maybe I’ll send in a few questions.” In reality, there’s not much we can do to guarantee that we will receive these responses, but it’s what we strive for and it is the mindset we will be in when writing these articles.

This section of TBP Studios will be headed by one Katie Hanson and will be accompanied by Staff Writer Jackson Puckett. Two people I have hand selected based on their talent, critical analysis skills, and their pedagogical mannerisms in showing how they feel about the subject at hand and what exactly it means to them. A very important person whom later became my mentor once taught me: “It is impossible to walk in another person’s shoes. Your bias will not allow you and you will always have your own experiences no matter who’s shoes they are.” This is our main vision and we will give you our opinion, it is your job to decide how much it fits your life and how much you can agree.

Now without further delay, I bring you: Dragon Age Inquisition: Embedded Within the Mind of the Inquisitor

-Dan Herrera