Right in the Nostalgia: Crystal Story II

If a cheap game were to ever be satisfying, it would be this one. This game presented itself as a JRPG and it certainly delivered. With active time gauge battles, loot that makes no sense and victory music, this game has brought back everything that I loved about JRPGs as a kid and everything that I love about JRPGs now.


Crystal Story II 2015-02-21 19-18-28-86.png

The map is simple but presented nicely, with curved pathways to new and old destinations. The map tiles are two-dimensional, dungeon crawler tiles. The character is moved by either clicking or using arrow keys (or WASD) and interactions are usually marked by clicking or pressing particular numbers.


This game draws on many of the well-loved titles of the past. The feel of the character menu and leveling mechanism are quite like that of beloved Final Fantasy titles without ripping too much off of them. There is a moment in the main sequence of the story that may have slipped a little too far into the design of Kingdom Hearts, but the intentions there make the instance understandable.

As far as the story goes, there is little to grasp on to at first. The main character is a dragon, who fights dargons. Those who follow him are those who impose themselves on his adventures. The story needs to be fleshed out a little bit but there is a good reason for this story to continue and it is intriguing enough to keep the interest of someone completely new to this series.

Truthfully, with a little money behind it and a staff of designers, this series could easily become a powerful force in the JRPG market. For only $3.00 on Steam, it is something that every RPG gamer should at least pick up and try.

- Katie Hanson