STAB! 011 - Rain Soaked Hobo Pile

Basic human nature says that if we're nice to you, you'll disappoint us some day. But we give and we give, and in giving we give another giving episode of GIVE! (aka: STAB!) and it's chock full of Danielle Mandela, Joe-Joe Louis and Jesse Jones, with two scoops of host John Ross in every box!

This heapin' bowl full of STAB! features such tasty morsels as spot on Ronald Reagan and Chris Columbus impressions, the total eradication of November 19th, MASK: the toy, not the movie, BDSM, a Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong(?) and the timely death and or suicide of Joe-Joe Louis. So belly up to the headphones and gorge on these zero calorie ha-has, fatty!

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