STAB! 018 - Self Esteem

STAB! 018 - Self Esteem

Did ancient astronauts leave recordings of STAB! in the tomb of the unknown soldier as a tribute to their even more ancienter gods? Some say that the lizard man Illuminati created STAB! as a punishment for the creation of jeggings. Which ever creation myth you believe in, STAB! is always mentioned, and always in connection with mentions of cured meats and impure thoughts.

In this recently uncovered episode Josh Vigil, Chazz Hawkins and Jesse Jones tell host John Ross all about penile resolutions, Japanese herb festivals, horse glue, Dustin Diamond, Napoleon’s brother, Huell Howser, Cambodian genocide, a variety of NWAs, erotic satanism, Pauly Shore and jewish inspired poetry, Cowboys, urban remakes, bootleg video games, Itty-bitty Kitty Cities, the Isles of Walmart and the Palendromeda Galaxy, handout visual aide included.

So whether you believe this episode contains a hidden code which once unlocked will reveal the coordinates of the lost city of Atlantis, or that it simply contains a lot of jokes about butt stuff, this episode is easily the latest episode of STAB!

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