STAB! 096 - Jogging Through Time And Space

Do you like the feel of the wind against your skin? Ha-HA! The only thing stopping you is YOU! Fly, fly like it is your birthright! Nothing is not un-impossible!

In this episode of the show called STAB!, John Ross speaks truths with Shahera Hyatt, Edgar Granados and Jesse Jones about the patenting of the Fire Extinguisher, Queen Elizabeth in Australia,  Saddam Hussein, Look Magazine, Mother Teresa, the semi-automatic rifle, the top 15 Google searches of a "Grabbed Pussy", pitches for small businesses like a hipster microbrewery in a hospice, a knock-off designer bag store on an offshore oil rig, and a mobster themed sushi restaurant in Idaho, nine haiku on the rise in popularity of clown porn, and the dating profiles of an exploding Samsung smartphone, acid jazz, and Hurricane Matthew.

Can you see it? Can you feel the truth hidden behind their eyes like a marimba tuned by the fingers of infinity? Of course you can. We all can if we truly believe... Ha-HA! SPICE!

STAB! 095 - Babies Eat Dreams

Babies: we were all once one of those once. Nobody holds it against you today, but when you were a baby, way back when, you in your very own baby way, ate the dreams of your parents. That’s just what babies do. It’s not their fault, but it’s true. Super true.

Join STAB! man, John Ross as he welcomes Nick Brunner, Becky Lynn and Jesse Jones, all babies once, to share their thoughts on subjects like Cuban trade embargos, John Lithgow, Peter Bone, the first US Mail Truck, the World’s Largest Gold Nugget, Steve McPeak, three different THOTs, explanations of Trick or Treating to a shanty town child, spontaneous human combustion to a class of forensic science majors and birth control to a 38 year old father of three host of STAB!, the results of fights between Public Radio Listeners v. Juggalos, Sheep Shearers v. Competitive Eaters & Rock v. Paper v. Scissors, and a bevvy of haiku on Hindu Ceremony stampedings.

We all have dreams, not all of us have babies, but know that when you were a baby, you ate your parents dreams. So, you know, why not buy them something nice to say sorry for preventing them from being or doing whatever they wanted to before they had to feed their dreams to you.

STAB! 094 - Best of “Location, Location, Location” Volume 1

If you go someplace, you’re in a location. Hell, even if you don’t go someplace, you’re still in a location. You can’t go anywhere without being somewhere, dig?

STAB! guy, John Ross, guides you on a journey of locations with locationistas, Tyler Kinney, Luke Soin, Jaclyn Weiand, Nick Brunner, Jaime Fernandez, Alfonso Portela, Zach Coles, Aviva Siegel, Johnny Taylor, Edgar Granados and Jesse Jones. Let them introduce you to slum laundromats, limbless exercise studios and the sad realization that ain’t nothin’ ever gonna be better than it is now.

Did you listen to all five Best of Volume 1s? If not, do it now, if so, do it again, because it’s super best of, so it’s as good as we can do, so, it’s good, is what I’m saying. Okay, bye.

STAB! 093 - Best of “Reorganization” Volume 1

Did you know that sometimes words aren’t just words but are other words hidden inside of that word? Those tricky bastard words are “acronyms”. Well we at STAB! don’t let those deceitful words just have their way with their made up nonsense. We reorganize them suckas!

Word hater John Ross guides this Best of “Reorganization” Volume 1 with fancy word STAB!bers Tyler Kinney, Jordan Gannon, Bill Wallis, Josh Kinkade, Coreen Lemcke, Alfonso Portela, Stephen Ferris, Nick Pettigrew, Ben Rice Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones teaching words to stay in their respective lanes.

So just remember, if you see a word pretending to be bigger than its original meaning, know that you can make it anything you want. You’re stronger than words!