STAB! 012 - Forty Stories Below the Washington Monument

On the periodic table of comedy elements, John Ross (1. J, 1.003) host of STAB! (5. St, 8.475) and special returning guests, Ben Rice (21. Ri, 42.33), Jordan Gannon (38. Gn, 86.12) and Jesse Jones (103. W, 281.1) make up a non-toxic, gaseous cloud of humor, safe to inhale through the ear lungs.

In this span of time spent STABbing, they explore some of Ben Rice’s random connections to celebrities, a Roman Polanski theme party, drunk texts, Cosby's Google search history, Shia LaBeouf sexual assault haiku, a Gigli remake, Charlie Sheen's self produced point and click CD-Rom documentary, TOO MUCH PUSSY, some DMXes, Tennessee's love life, gravelly gravy, and not Shia LaBeouf.

So go on, set your centrifuges to “On”, and partake in this little experiment called: STAB!

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