STAB! 055 - Just Like Bruce Springsteen

Just a little comedy show from Jersey, shinin’ the light on the American Dream not as it’s imagined, but how it really is. That’s kinda what STAB! is.

The Boss, John Ross leads the 16th Street Band: Grant Houlton, Rhoda Ramone and Jesse Jones in discussions of Wilma Mankiller, Christopher Columbus, Puerto Rico, the push button telephone, time zones, the war on drugs, Steamboat Willie, a pile of Ronda Rousey Google searches, a triad of MMAs, synopsises for made-up movies “Dream Snatch”, “Snitches Get Pinches” & “Quit Suckin’ That” and vows to assholes backhanded compliments, a plantation owner & the drought.

If you happen to catch STAB! out there on the road, who knows, someday they pull you up on stage to dance awkwardly with them. Then you too will star in one of the biggest sitcoms of all time. You don’t know, that exact thing might just happen. Probably not, but maybe might.