STAB! 006 - The Episode we had to Sacrifice to Zod... in the Dark

Celebrate our 6th of 10,000 episodes with contestants D-Tyler, Danielle Mandella, Adrian Dark and Jesse Jones! Through libation and happenstance these clever double half-wits use only a quarter of the 90% of their back-third brain-wave, to verbally mogul through the grueling rigors known as writing prompts. Prompts delivered from the mouth-loins of host and high priest King John Morris Ross the IV.

One day you will remember that this show tackled such hard-hitting social issues as, Same Sex Marriage, The Model T, Mr. C, Hurricanes, Vegans, Kites, Foreskins, Edgar Allen Poe, Decoupage, and Thomas Edison! Goodluck! XOXO!

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