STAB! 023 - The Halfkerchief Empire

Great ideas hit us like a bolt of lightning, leaving us wondering how something so simple and profound hadn’t come to us years, even decades earlier. STAB! is a great idea. STAB! has lots of other great ideas within’ it. Listening to STAB! was a great idea that YOU had. Congratulations.

Bill Wallis, Edgar Granados, Jesse Jones discuss revisionist cook booking, left turns, Bovine Cantata B Flat Major, the sad passing of a righteous turtle, the main joke being a lot of Scientology jargon, a 40-year-old SNL’s Google search history, various different MMAs, the latest installment in the Crocodile Dundee franchise, male ponytails, gypsy curse body switching teen sex comedies, Cosby laced Jell-o shots, fragrant baggy pants, ill advised Michael McDonald impressions, drowned celebrities, Condescending Therapist-ville, for whatever it’s worth, and the land of procrastination that IS JesseJonesOpolis.

Listening to STAB! is like staring directly into the sun, only with your ears. Watching STAB! live is like hearing directly at the sun, only with your eyes. STAB! is just like that, and so much more. You’re welcome.