STAB! 103 - Four Cherry-Ahh-Ritas Deep

They’re not froo-froo, lady drinks! They’re 8% yum booze yum it ups -- ya jerk face! Just ‘cause I don’t like the taste of beer doesn’t mean I don’t like the taste of being drunk! Set me and my boys up with another round and shut yer yapper, turd! 

STAB! bartender John Ross bellies up to sippy drinkers Chris Emery, Court Hansen and Jesse Jones and lets ‘em bend his ear about a bunch of stuff, like a reimagining of a dead Otis Redding's "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay", Marv Albert, the invention of masking tape, the pop-up toaster, UK vehicle disasters, all female North Pole expeditions, the bubonic plague, nine haiku about a father defeating his daughter in a death match, three different WWFs, made-up movie synopses for "Boo Boo New New Doo Doo Goo Goo Bam!", "Exccccuuuussse Me?" & "Teddy and the Potato Skins" and tourism board guides for Silver-fox-ington, You-ain’t-shit-ville & Sun-yer-buns-town.

Alright, okay... somebody should probably take my keys, I might’ve had a couple too many delicious, fruit cough syrup flavored booze drinks. I’m gonna puke a rainbow...

STAB! 102 - Window Duck

We are a country of many diverse peoples from places dotting the entirety of the globe. So it’s only natural to find confusing some things that to others are customary. It’s cool, it’s still weird though...

And so in an attempt to better understand the world around us, John Ross, the host of this community outreach show called STAB!, queries guests Johnny Taylor, Stephen Ferris and Jesse Jones about new ways to get food to old peoples, Canadian lawyer Dick Pound, Tara Lipinsky, the Jamestown massacre, rapper Phife Dog, Niagara Falls, World Water Day, three new P90Xs, nine poison Chinatown tea haiku, the explanations of soul music to a ginger KKK, websites to an Amish toddler, & Bronies to a seven year old My Little Pony fan, and erotic poems about an ice cream parlor, compression socks and an electric fly swatter.

And so, may storefront hung, golden browned waterfowl not be seen as “crazy” or “gross”, but as another threat in the great, lunatic tapestry that IS, this fine country of ours. USA! USA! USA!

STAB! 101 - Spin Doctors Erotic Fan Fiction

He stepped into the throne room only to find a sight beyond his wildest dreams. Not one, but TWO Princes, ready and waiting, their robes fallen around their feet, their crowns, strategically hung.

STAB! Returns for the one hundred and first time, guided by hosty host John Ross as he pelts guests Tyler Kinney, Joey Stults and Jesse Jones with questions about what Richard Simmons is up to, the Flying Wallendas, the outlaw of gambling in the Massachusetts, cable car expulsions, Pam Smart, FDR’s beer legalization, laser patents, a trio of trios of pick-up lines to Tomi Lahren’s aborted baby, Russia, and the Oroville Dam, the Top Five Google searches from artists on their 90s mix tapes, the synopses of made-up movies “Kale Babies”, “The Secret Life of Pee”, & "Bejewled", and tourism guides for Doo-wop-abama, All-alone-ian, and Hollandaise-ia.

So can Little Miss truly not be wrong when she’s neck deep in Spin Doctors? Read and find out for yourself. And, you know, listen to this episode too…

STAB! 100 - The Gang’s All Here

So it’s finally here. You know, when we started expressing our episode numbers with three digits, some might have thought it presumptuous. We did too. But now it looks like we did it on purpose.

For the 100th (ish) time, John Ross STAB!s at guests Edgar Granados, Rhoda Ramone, Stephen Ferris, Danielle Mandella, Ben Rice, Lendy West, Luke Soin, Nick Brunner, Jaclyn Weiand, Daniel Humbarger, Jaime Fernandez, Joe-Joe Louis, Tyler Kinney, Alfonso Portela, and Jesse Jones about such topics as Shannen Doherty, Eugene H Farrar, Mount Vesuvius, Davy Jones, Jane Austen, "American Pie" by Don McLean, four different CXVIIIs, nine NASA extinction level event warning haiku, the dating profiles of an Ovipositor, a Zumba class, a gingerbread man, & a ten dollar bill, and tourism board guides for the towns of Socialjustopia, Camp I-See-Your-Pee-pee, Showty-what-yo-name-is-ing-ton?, and STAB!donia.

There’s nothing better than spending important moments with friends, and if you’re listening to this show, we count you among that number. Thanks for joining us for one, ten, fifty or even a hundred trips through STAB!donia. We look forward to receiving your appreciations at our next live show!