TBP Studios is Coming to Sac Anime

Visit us at Sac Anime August 29th - 31st

Banner Courtesy of SacAnime.com 

Banner Courtesy of SacAnime.com 

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The entire family here at TBP Studios officially announces their presence at Sac Anime Summer 2014. We want to invite those who have tickets and those without to come hang out and have fun with the cast and crew. The TBP cast and crew features everyone from the Dan Sucks podcast, An Idiot’s Array, and Bruised thumbs, the in-house video game fanatics.

The Dan Sucks podcast will be covering the con, chatting with the local and non-local comic book talent, hosting a special charity event, and interviewing some of the honored guests featured by Sac Anime. Terry, Katie, and Dan himself will be walking the convention and saying hello to the lovely con-goers; say hi back or tell Dan that he sucks to have a chance to win a signed t-shirt.

Jeramie Clark of An Idiot’s Array will act as the eyes ears and legs of his viewers, traveling the floor and showing off everything that Sac Anime has to offer. There will be a great deal of things to do, so be prepared for every little bit. An Idiot’s Array is also hosting a local pub crawl for those 21 and over; cosplay is encouraged, but not required to join the event.
For all of your video game and motion capture fixes that your controller just can’t quite reach, be on the lookout for TJ and Michelle from Bruised Thumbs. Ask TJ to show you his bruised thumbs, he may just give you a big ol' Whatsa goin' on!


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Don’t forget to follow Dan Sucks to get involved in Dan’s charity video. Also, follow An Idiot’s Array for details on the cosplay pub crawl happening Saturday night, at about 8:00 PM.

Huge thank you to Sac Anime and Scattered Comics for helping this company do what we love and share it with our fans and friends.