John Ross


Comedy, depression, movies, words, and things is what this episode is all about. With our guest John Ross, we chat about what it means to be a comedian while riffing about the past and what is coming next.

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STAB! - 

“STAB!” baby! Hosted by comedian(?) John Ross, STAB! is a LIVE rapid fire comedy show/PODCAST about everything. Four comedians put their own spin on the same seven or so subjects. For instance, wouldn’t you like to hear four different haiku’s about the same misogynistic plastic flamingo? Or how about a quintet of solutions on how to stop gang violence using only babies? Well, that’s “STAB!”. Take it or leave it or you’re gonna get burned…either way…Yeah! (panther growl!)

STAB! is based out of Sacramento, CA and produced out of The Sacramento Comedy Spot by John Ross.

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