Peter Cullen

Dan Sucks Ep 35 - Peter Cullen On this episode we talk about my trip to E3 while Terry interviews me and explores the expo through my eyes. Then we launch into the featured interview with the great Peter Cullen. It doesn't get more surreal than this.

Music by: Daniel Cordova

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Todd Haberkorn

Episode #33, damn it's getting good. Todd Haberkorn from Star Trek Continues, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Sgt. Frog, and so much more comes on and talks SacAnime, voice acting, the Conan O'Brien show, and more.

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Scattered Comics 

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Chris Gore

Dan Sucks Podcast #32 is here and it’s Gorey… sorry. Episode 32 is all about Chris Gore and his comedy, new book “Celebrities Poop,” and all things nerd. Dan and Terry sit down with this hilarious goof ball and chop up the vegetables… sorry, again.

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Scattered Comics 

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David Wadley


Here's the beginning of what you know to be the SacAnime unload. The Dan Sucks podcast sits down with the press coordinator of SacAnime for SacAnime Winter 2015. Want a behind the scenes look at what happens to get ready for interviews and press releases? Well here you go.

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Scattered Comics

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Stephen Ferris


Talented comedian and mini train engineer joins the Dan Sucks Podcast to get to know one another. Join the boys in their interview with long time coming guest Stephen Ferris.

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Scattered Comics

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Ron Funches

The Dan Sucks podcast proudly presents  a very special guest by the name of Ron Funches. Listen as Dan and Terry have the host of Far Beyond Metal, Daniel Cordova, and the legendary comedian, Ron Funches talk about all things nerdy. Far Beyond Metal airs every Thursday on at 5:00 PM, so check it out. Video games, movies, and all types of comedy, is what this podcast is all about, so what better guests to have on. Come hang with the lot of them, while they do what they can to make you laugh.

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Scattered Comics

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Jeremy Rathbone Returns

Jeremy Rathbone is back! He's back on the show with something absolutely awesome to talk about. The Dan Sucks duo is joined by Jay "Short Nerdy Man" Wheeler and the honored guest to talk about Jeremy's new kickstarter project. It's going on now if you're listening about the time this airs, because now means now. Enjoy the comics and movies talk this week!

Ben Schwartz, Nooligan, and Sarah Stone

Ben Schwartz and Nooligan promote Union St. Choir, a 1930's San Francisco based comic book that includes a multitude of personalities from the kids that would have lived there. With the extremely talented and unique artistry of Nooligan showing the creative storytelling from both Ben and Nu, these two knock it out of the park with their book and talk about it with Dan and Terry this week on Dan Sucks. Then Sarah Stone from IDW, artist of such works as Transformers: Windblade joins the Dan Sucks podcast and talks about her trip to Sacramento for Creative Women Con.

J. Michael Tatum and Danielle McRae

Third and final SacAnime Summer 2014 episode of the Dan Sucks podcast. Join Dan and Terry in Dan's gripes with life, Deathstroke, and voice acting/gaming in exclusive interviews with J. Michael Tatum and Danielle McRae.

Amber Goldfarb, Adrian Hough, and Cas Anvar


As huge fans of the Assassin's Creed, the Dan Sucks crew nabbed Amber, Adrian, and pulled audio from the SacAnime panels to have Cas join the podcast. This week's show talks games, shows, movies and more.

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Melissa Hutchison and Dave Fennoy

Dan and Terry go to Sac Anime to talk to amazing guests. This week is Melissa Hutchison and Dave Fennoy come on the podcast to blow minds and be complete sweethearts. Come join the fun of the con and sit down with the greatest voices in the biz.

Jeremy Rathbone

Doctor Who, Star Wars, comic books, Thor, and much more! Dan and Terry sit down with a very talented artist; primarily a painter, Jeremy Rathbone creates original art and original works based on pop culture characters. We are joined to day by a familiar from the underworld Jay Wheeler.



The band Journal joins the Dan Sucks podcast and tells all about their nerdy adventures and passion for music. Joe and Justin of the band talk about their favorite games, especially those in the Zelda and Final Fantasy realm. Learn about what it's like to be a do-it-yourself band. Lets get down to the rockin'.

Sit down, lets talk about Cap


This week, the Dan Sucks crew adds Jay and Charissa to the mix. Comics talking comics, is the way of the land in these parts. Jay was on the Tonight Show!

What's Turrets?

Terry, Katie, and Dan talk about their week. Dan is exhausted and full of tangents. The podcast goes old school games and asks the fans their favorite comic book issues.

San Diego Comic Con 2014


Terry and Dan are joined by Short Nerdy Guy Jay Wheeler to wrap up the crazy nerdfest we all call San Diego Comic Con. Marvel, DC, Bandai, Hasbro, gaming, and much much more, we cover it all on this episode of Dan Sucks.