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I am an author, educator, media consultant, and freelancer of many trades; but foremost I am an entertainer. In everything that I do I strive to make it fun and engaging. My studies and education reside in Communication Studies with a concentration into the art of digital media. Technology, aesthetics, color theory, rhetoric, and identity are some of the primary focuses that drive my creativity. My job is to create in order to send a clear and interesting message through Critical Communication Pedagogy.

I am a regular freelancer for Prima Games, the world leader in video game strategy. Having worked on such titles as Battlefield: Hardline, Dragon Age Inquisition, Titanfall: Frontier's Edge and media production for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I have experienced a professional growth that has propelled me to have a combination of experiences that a rare few may ever receive the opportunity to have.

I live and work through teamwork and strategy; "find a way to succeed." I do not overstay my welcome and I will make myself available by any means when I am needed. I am a frequent guest in fellow broadcaster's networks and channels, and I am a frequent guest in all mediums of communication.